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The first week working on a reality show in Detroit / Atlanta our main 

character was throwing a birthday party for one of his wives ( yes he had multiple ) and during the party while I was in the parking lot a helicopter flew over head, it then began to circle around the event.


Suddenly the entire Detroit police department was blocking the road and surrounded the building. They were there for our lead character

and yes he did try to run. He never made it past the parking lot.

Detroit Reality

anecdotes for those who found this PAGE


I once drove to Atlanta with a production vehicle for a week of shooting. We were filming at the home of a record producers home that had a freaking NARNIA room that you could only get to by going through an actual wardrobe.

One night i couldn't find the keys to the van and was freaking out, spent over 2 hours searching the van and the house we were at. I had to get the van towed and swap out a full van full of video equipment and didn't make it back to the hotel until 5am.

The next day we discovered that one of the women we were filming "accidentally" grabbed the keys. This was very odd because the keys were in our video village where cast was not meant to go in.  Pretty sure she had plans for our van or more likely the gear inside.

Atlanta Key Swap

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